Thursday, April 14, 2011

Take Time Off and Enhance Your Creativity

Okay, I'll admit it.  I've become something of a workaholic.  Maybe it's all the advice I've heard from the various speakers that I've heard at the writers and publishers association meetings I've attended, talking about how you need to write or blog everyday.  Or maybe it's from reading similar advice from all the "how-to" books I've read about how to be a successful writer--you have to write everyday.  Or maybe I feel slightly guilty about working out of my home while listening to the traffic reports on the radio and feeling sorry for folks stuck in the daily rush hour trying to get to work. Or maybe it's because my work is in too close proximity to everything else.  Whatever.  I'm finding that I have a compulsion to sit chained to my desk, all day, everyday, even on days when I'm not that busy.

Margaret, my tax lady, lives about an hour's drive away, so when she drives down every year to drop of my return she always likes to make a day of it.  She decided that this year she wanted to take a tour of Sabino Canyon, part of the Coronado National Forest and just outside the city limits.  And you know how it is, you never get around to exploring the wonders in your own back yard.  So I decided that even though it was Tuesday, maybe, just maybe, it wouldn't kill me to take the day off and spend a few hours touring the canyon with her.

This lady does more than just prepare my income tax return, she also helps me keep my sanity.  It turned out to be a beautiful day, so I brought along my camera.  Photography is one of my favorite hobbies, but I spend precious little time enjoying it.  I'm a decent outdoor photographer, but lately my, "photography self-esteem," has been taking a real beating.  Those of you who also follow my food blog know that I've had a real struggle trying to take food photos for that blog.  (Food photography is a specialty that I apparently have no talent for.)  So as we rode along I decided to snap a few photos.  It was a challenge, since it seemed that every time I snapped the shutter we'd hit another bump, but later, when I downloaded the photos, I was amazed.  I had several that came out beautifully.  At the end of the day I felt redeemed as a photographer, and my creative juices were flowing again.  This helps me as a writer and an artist. 

The lesson here, for all your creative types, is yes, take some time off from your desk or studio, and make some time to do the things you enjoy doing.  It won't hurt you, and you will certainly benefit with a renewed sense creative spirit.

My tip for the day.



BonnieCashmere said...

Great advise. Take some time to enjoy your hobby, your work or just to have a do nothing day. You are now happy with your photogaphy once again, and who knows maybe this beautful canyon will turn up in one of your next books. Bonnie

BonnieCashmere said...

Looking over the two photos you posted, this place looks like a great place for a murder mystery.

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